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 Essentials for Women (#E4WM)

The Grove’s #E4WM (Essentials for Women’s Ministry) is about supporting women in their relationship with God so that through spiritual friendships, mentoring, modeling, and teaching one another, we might experience the freedom to become all that God intends us to be. We feel this ministry will empower women to break free from their pain and hurt and find freedom in Christ. 

#E4WM Women’s Ministry has something for every woman—single, married, 20-something or 80-something, moms, grandmas, those seeking answers to faith questions, and those wanting to build on their relationship with Christ. We strive to do God’s will and pray that this ministry will be a Catalyst of hope in your influences.  We are about reaching women where they are at in their everyday trials and to help connect God’s truth where they need it most. We pray that the #E4WM ministry will encourage personal and spiritual growth through the study of God’s Word while ministering to women and equipping them to walk victoriously.

Please join us as we offer many groups that will meet off campus to provide bonding with other women that have the same interest, hurts and victories to share with one another.  We will hold Quarterly Conferences that will engage our hearts as a group of women seeking God’s direction in our lives through God’s Word, Worship, Fellowship and Testimony.



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