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Connect with the High School

Welcome to the HS Ministry

We exist to help students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone knows these years in a young person’s life can be difficult. Everything about them is changing, and it’s changing all at once! The HS staff works hard at understanding these changes, and is committed to walking through this crucial developmental stage with each student. Our ministry wins when students have meaningful interactions with their group that influence their faith in Jesus and deepen their relationships with each other.

What We Teach

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learning each and every week.

What We Do

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Sundays with the High School

We meet on Sunday morning from 9:15 – 10:45 am in our Student Center. Students are placed in small groups that are led by a caring adult, and are grade and gender specific. We believe this environment is the most effective way for students to connect with each other, grow in their knowledge and application of God’s Word, and to be cared for. Our small group leaders are well trained to understand the Bible and the developmental stage of middle and high schoolers. This allows them to be more engaging in the way they present their lessons. We believe that small groups are the best way to disciple students, and help their faith continue to grow in high school and beyond.

Wednesdays with the High School

We meet on Wednesday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 PM on the Hill. Our midweek worship services are fun, energetic, and engaging! We have three elements to our services that help our students connect with God on a deep, meaningful level. The first is our praise and worship performed by a live band. Our worship band features student musicians and lead vocalists. Students leading students – that’s powerful!! The second is our sermons. Each Wednesday the students will hear a relevant, engaging message from God’s Word. We understand students have been in school all day, so these messages are only 15 minutes, fast-paced, and fun. The third element is small groups. The message shows students what to do according to God’s Word. Small group time is about helping students understand HOW to apply the truth they just heard.

We believe that when we do these three elements with God-honoring excellence, we will create a great environment for young people to draw close to God and learn how to apply His Word, the Bible, to real life.