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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”  – John Maxwell

Jeff Appling
Jeff ApplingLead Pastor
Lecia Appling
Lecia ApplingCorporate Worship Administrator
Stacey McCright
Stacey McCrightLead Administrative Associate
Matt Crumley
Matt CrumleyFinancial Administrator
Karen WIley
Karen WIleyReceptionist
Brent Lord
Brent LordLife Groups Administrator
John Wood
John WoodCare Administrator
Russ Brown
Russ BrownNext Gen Pastor
Anna Gamble
Anna GambleK45 Administrator
Janice Tennant
Janice TennantN3 Administrator
Shane Wolfe
Shane WolfeLife 612 Administrator
Patrick Woods
Patrick WoodsCorporate Worship Associate
Emily Gibbs
Emily GibbsCorporate Worship Associate
Nolan Moore
Nolan MooreBuildings and Grounds