Brent Lord

Life Group Pastor‚Äč

Despite growing up in church, I went from being a Jesus admirer to being a Jesus follower when I was 15 years old after reading the Bible and being compelled by it’s story.  It was shortly after I surrendered my life to Christ that I developed a burden to teach His word and to pastor.  In November of 1998, I became ordained as a minister of the Gospel at a local church were I was serving as a part-time youth minister.  In 2000, I began attending The Grove where I became involved in various serving roles as a member of the church community.

 It was at The Grove that I met my wife, Kristin, and where we were married in December of 2004.  On September 1, 2011, I transitioned to being a full-time pastor on staff where I have had the privilege of serving ever since.  Kristin and I know have two children, a six yer old daughter named Hayden and an one year old son named Charles (aka Charlie).


The Grove