covid-19 update.

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Hello Grove Family, 

I am writing to you so we can begin a conversation about our current situation in the world and, more specifically, how we will address it from The Grove. 

Today is where our faith overcomes our fear. I encourage you to remember that God is in control! 

The world has experienced viruses for its entire history, and we will overcome. May the righteous shine like the stars in the darkness of night. Now is the time for the Body of Christ to be the light on the mountain top. I am hopeful and assured that the Lord is going to work through this situation. The Grove will be sensibly wise in all decisions that are made by the help of God. 

1. We have decided to LIVESTREAM our weekend services at 10:00 AM, but there will be no midweek services for the next two weeks.


2. We are continuing our rigorous hygienic process to keep all restrooms, entrances, and facilities clean. 

3. We will be courteous to all, but will respectfully keep physical contact to a minimum. 

4. We will be communicating daily with the Church to keep everyone informed, as things are changing rapidly with each news cycle. 

5. I ask you not to give in to fear, but yield to faith in Christ and be joyful in the midst of a panic-stricken nation. We are different because our hope is in Christ. 


6. You can give your tithes and offering’s online here                         or you can give by text. If you text GROVEGIVE to 73256, you will be sent prompts with directions for giving. If you have questions, please contact Matt Crumley at, and he will be glad to help you.

The leadership of the Grove is committed to wisdom and prayer. We are praying for you and the world. See you Sunday on our livestream, Lord willing, as we worship the Lord Jesus. 

Pastor A



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