Nolan Moore

B&G Director‚Äč


Raised in a church attending home, my mother ensured I had the Gospel instilled in me.  I prayed to accept Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in the Spring of 6th grade.  I really did not know what God had in-store for my life.  As a teenager, I believed ministry was restricted to pastoral roles.  Little did I know, my experiences and jobs were God’s way of prepping me for His big picture.  In the Fall of 2006, I met my wife, Kim; she and I were married in May of 2009.  Our oldest daughter, Ally, was born in December of 2010.  Our youngest daughter, Emi, was born in August of 2013. 

After believing the Lord called me to take a leap of faith, I left my ‘secure’ employment as a firefighter in April 2014.  I then waited for three years before the Lord opened the door to begin employment at The Grove.  I quickly realized ‘ministry’ is not a restricted role.  The definition of ministry is the act of serving which we are ALL called to according to Galatians 5:13.


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