Stacey McCright



My name is Stacey McCright.  I have been at and served at The Grove for over 23 years and have worked Full Time and Part Time at The Grove for over 14 years.  My husband is David McCright and have been married for 27+ years.  We have one son, Abner McCright, a Daughter in Law Jennifer, and two Granddaughters Aubrey and Kenslee that live in California.

I was saved when I was 12 years old in my church’s Bible School.  On the last day of Bible School during the altar call, the song”The Savior Is Waiting” was being sung and God spoke to me at that moment and I asked Him to come into my life.  The following Sunday, I went forward during the son “Just As I Am” to make my profession of faith public.  

When David and myself got married and moved from Gwinnett County to Banks County, we knew we needed to find a church home in this new chapter of our lives.  We looked for a few years and never knew that The Grove existed just 7 minutes from our house.  

From the first day we stepped foot in The Grove 19 years ago this January, we knew we were home.  I have never turned back and have always served in one capacity or another, whatever was needed at the time.  Serving at The Grove has allowed me time to grow my relationship with the Lord and to mature in my Christianity.  I am surrounded by the most loving group of people in this church and I know God has placed each and every person in my life for a purpose.  I just love it


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