The Grove’s Student Ministries

Woven Weekend

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Purity in Light of Identity


Woven Weekend is all about sharing the heart of Jesus with students. Our desire is to help students understand who they are, how they are created and redeemed, and what that means for their lives. Our prayer is that students would walk away from this weekend understanding God’s expectation of purity in light of their identity in Christ.


We would like to invite all students in 6th-12th grade to come and be a part of an amazing weekend designed to help you grow closer to the Lord. This weekend will take place March 8th-10th, and will be located on The Hill at The Grove. Lodging will be provided in host homes.



-Dates: Friday, March 8th - Sunday, March 10th 2019

-Location: The Hill & Host Homes

-Cost: $20 per student (includes swag box with shirt, all meals, and any weekend-related needs)

-Sign Up: Students my sign up at The Grove or ONLINE. Sign-up forms must be turned in by Wednesday, February 13th.


Woven Weekend Itinerary

  • Friday Evening 

    -Check-In @6:00pm

    -Dinner @6:30pm

    -1st Session @7:00pm

    -Head to Host Home For Life Group & Sleep @8:30pm

  • Saturday Morning

    -Head To The Hill @8:00am

    -Breakfast @8:30am

    -2nd Session @9:00am

  • Saturday Afternoon

    -Group Activity 10:30-11:30am

    -Lunch @12:00pm

    -3rd Session @1:00pm

    -Head Back to Host Home for Rest @2:30

  • Saturday Evening

    -Head Back to The Hill @5:30

    -Dinner @6:00pm

    -Final Session @7:00pm

    -Head To Host Home For Life Group & Sleep @8:30

  • Sunday Morning

    -Head To The Hill @8:00am

    -Breakfast @8:30

    -Final Group Time @9:00am

    -Church @10:00am



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